Monday, May 16, 2016

Another Red Sox Fan Is Hit By A Flying Bat Fragment

(WCVB-TV Screenshot)
On Saturday afternoon, another Red Sox fan was hit in the head by a splintered bat fragment that soared over the new protective netting at Fenway Park. Kevin Sweeney's seats are five rows back from the field between home and third. On just the third pitch of the game, an Astro player shattered his bat and a piece caught Sweeney right in the head. Said Sweeney, "Just boom. The back of my head. Almost like a sledgehammer....Before the game, I guess God has a sense of humor because I was lamenting the fact that the screen goes too far and it really affects the view and people should really just pay attention to the field and not play on their cellphones." After 10 stitches, he has a different view, "I don't think it obstructs the view in any way, [they need to add] a top over it so what happened to me...couldn't happen again."