Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Steven Wright Sends Peace Offering To Beaned Colabello

(Getty Images)
Steven Wright let a pitch get away from him on Sunday that hit Blue Jay first baseman (and Massachusetts native) Chris Colabello in the batting helmet. Normally, you'd say, "Good thing Wright is a knuckle-baller". Except, this particular pitch was an 87-MPH fastball right at the head. Colabello was down for a while, then got up to take first base—to the relief of his family and friends in the stands. On Monday, Colabello got to his locker to find a gift from Wright—a large bottle of liquor (brand and type as yet unspecified). Said Wright, "It’s just more of a token of saying I’m sorry. I didn’t really want it to be a public thing because it was really between me and him. I know it’s not a necessary thing. The gift was more for me than it was for him to kind of ease it for myself for what happened." A nice gesture, nevertheless.