Friday, April 22, 2016

Sox Ranked Second In '16 Spring Training Attendance

According to Florida Governor Rick Scott, his state set a new per-game Spring Training attendance record in 2016. An average of 7,096 fans attended Florida games—with overall attendance at 1,525,570. The Red Sox ranked second among the 15 teams—pulling in 149,397 (9,960 avg.) to jetBlue Park in Fort Myers. Only The Evil Ones topped The Carmine Hose in attendance—and only by a little over 11,000 total fans. The largest single Red Sox crowd happened on Thursday, March 10th—when 10,103 fans flowed into jetBlue to see Boston play their cross-town rivals, the Minnesota Twins. Just 15 of the 215 games played in Florida this year were rained out—meaning you had a 93% chance of actually seeing a ballgame this year in The Sunshine State.