Wednesday, April 6, 2016

'Nothing But Net': Players Support MLB Netting 'Rules'

New Netting At Fenway Park (AP Photo)
Some fans may hate it at first, but the players in Major League Baseball are almost unanimously in favor of the new netting guidelines. After numerous fans were struck by errant balls or bats, the new rules were strongly recommend by MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred. The Red Sox have implemented the new netting at Fenway Park—which reportedly goes from the end of the old backstop to the start of the home and visiting dugouts (within about 70 feet of home plate). New Red Sox ace David Price is all in favor of the new reality, "I’m definitely happy to see Major League Baseball make that adjustment. Everybody has seen bad incidents. I couldn’t imagine being a hitter that hits a screaming foul ball that hits somebody, especially a kid or a small child. That’s not something you want to be part of, whether it’s a foul ball, a broken bat, or a bat that slips out of somebody’s hands. That will mess you up." It will be interesting to see how the "high roller" season ticket holders react next Monday at Fenway.