Tuesday, March 15, 2016

'Laser Show' Is Likely To Rest More During 2016 Season

Dustin Pedroia may finally be recognizing the need for him to take an occasional day off—in order to insure his long-term availability to the team. The Muddy Chicken has never looked kindly on the idea of sitting still—in fact, he hasn't been motionless since the Reagan Administration. But, fluky injuries have robbed him of precious playing time over the last few years—something the team really can't afford. While Brock Holt is a more than adequate stop-gap, he doesn't provide the same caffeine-like personality of a Pedroia. According to ESPN's Scott Lauber, John Farrell believes 'Pedey' is more willing to ride the pine from time to time, "As he gets deeper into his career, he knows what it feels like coming off a day off where he’s a little bit more fresh. You never want Pedroia out of the lineup, but a day off might give you benefits in the subsequent days following. Pedey has come into it a little more open-minded toward that periodic rest." We hope that's true, but, honestly, we'll believe it when we see it.