Tuesday, March 15, 2016

E-Rod Is Scheduled To Throw Off A Mound Wednesday

In the continuing saga of Third World-quality Red Sox medical care, multiple reports say Eduardo Rodriguez will "throw off a mound" tomorrow. Isn't that special? The young lefty—who dislocated his right kneecap in a fielding drill—is scheduled to toss 20 pitches from the hill for the first time since February 27th. If you recall, this was initially characterized as "nothing" by the Red Sox crack medical team and has slowly evolved into a mini-crisis. The Providence Journal's Brian MacPherson estimates that—at this rate—E-Rod would not make his first Spring start until March 22nd. And that assumes everything goes well before then. So, there is no way the kid makes it on the roster by Opening Day (April 4th). Yet another abysmal mis-handling of a player injury.