Monday, February 15, 2016

MLB Pitchers To Test New Head Gear In Spring Training

Both Major League Baseball and the Players Association have approved the testing of a new protective head gear for pitchers this Spring Training. The new design—far less cumbersome than earlier models—will be tested by twenty big-league pitchers in Spring Training. Described as a "hybrid" between a cap and a helmet, the new model weighs between 10 and 12 ounces, and is made of a carbon fiber shell. It resembles a sun visor with and extended forehead and temple coverage—along with single ear flaps similar to batting helmets. Of the five MLB pitchers struck in the head last year, four were hit in the face. This new helmet does not protect the face. We'll have to see how many pitchers will voluntarily wear this gear—since so many are conscious of the "look" of the helmet. Hopefully, technology will continue to improve, so that protection and "look" will someday be seamless. Anyone who has ever witnessed a pitcher being struck in the head, automatically becomes a strong supporter of this movement toward safety. It is needed.