Friday, February 19, 2016

Jerry Remy 'Could Have' Walked Away, Not 'Ready' Yet

(AP Photo)
Red Sox icon Jerry Remy has given a revealing interview to Heather Unruh of WCVB-TV (Channel 5). In the interview, Remy states that—after the departure of Don Orsillo—he "probably could have walked away" from his broadcasting duties. Said Remy, "That was a very difficult thing, somebody you work with for 15 years because you think it's going to go on forever." He went on to say that he just wasn't ready to leave—seeing "plenty of time" ahead to do something he still enjoys doing. On the issue of "chemistry" with his new broadcast partner Dave O'Brien, Remy says, "Time will tell. I don't really know him that well yet. You get to know each other when you work together, really. How the relationship develops and how it presents itself on-air, there's no way of knowing that right now. I'm not going to change my style I've been doing in 29 seasons and it's a style that works for me." This should be a very interesting year in the booth—let alone on the field!