Saturday, February 27, 2016

Eduardo Rodriguez Injures Knee In Fielding Drill Today

(Associated Press)
UPDATE: We told you so.
The 'party line' from team management is that their young lefty pitching star is 'OK'. But, of course, we've heard that before from the 'crack' Red Sox Medical Staff (just ask Jacoby Ellsbury). On Saturday, Eduardo Rodriguez injured his right knee during a fielding drill. That's a fact. He was on the ground for some time, then rose to his feet under his own power. Needless to say, this was a huge scare. Said Rodriguez himself, "It was a scare because I felt like I broke my knee". That sure sounds serious to us. He went on, "It's fine now. It was a scare, but I'm going to be fine." Manager John Farrell tried to put a better face on things as well, "Going through the training-room assessment, they were unable to reproduce any kind of discomfort." Then, somewhat ominously, he added, "We'll certainly get a better read on it when he comes in tomorrow morning." Really? Frankly, until we get 100% proof that this was nothing, we do not trust the Red Sox medical team. Period.