Saturday, February 27, 2016

Are Fenway's Geek-Squaders Looking Over Shoulders?

Statman Crothers
As the Boston Herald's Steve Buckley has surmised, the cadres of statistical geeks in the Fenway basement may be "spitting up their Mountain Dew" after hearing their big boss John Henry is abandoning analytics. However, they may feel a little more secure after their under-boss, Dave Dombrowski, walked back those comments a little yesterday. This whole issue has been incorrectly reduced to MoneyBall vs. No MoneyBall. Things in life—let alone baseball—are rarely that stark and simple. The truth is that the Red Sox organization has been (and will continue to be) a blend of approaches—part analytic and part "gut". As it should be. An excellent article by Lee Igel on goes into detail on this point. It suggests that a newly evolving approach will combine Sabermetrics with a an understanding of human decision-making (flowing from the field of 'behavioral economics'). That's where stats guru Bill James (still a Sox employee) is headed. So, chances are, that's where the Good Ship Carmine Hose is headed as well.