Monday, January 18, 2016

'Universal' Designated Hitter Could Arrive By '17 Season

Finally some rationality on the subject of the so-called "universal" DH. Since 1973, only the American League has allowed teams to use a real hitter in place of a pathetic pitcher in the bating order. The National League has resisted the logical change and suffered through debilitating pitcher injuries (Adam Wainwright, please step forward—if you can), hundreds of  thousands of useless at-bats, and unnaturally lower ERAs. Now, it seems that NL owners are seriously warming up to the idea of instituting the DH in the Senior Circuit. According to Cardinals GM John Mozeliak, there is increased "momentum" to go to the universal DH. Of course, the players' union would agree—with 15 new jobs opening up for older sluggers. And, the fans would finally have a sport with the same rules for everybody. With the CBA expiring after this year, 2017 could be the time to make the change. Just do it!