Friday, January 22, 2016

Don Orsillo Still Doesn't Know Why He's Not Still Here

Don Orsillo
Full disclosure. Even though Don Orsillo and FN's Editor-In-Chief are both Northeastern University grads, we were never huge fans of his broadcasting style. That said, his chemistry with the legendary Jerry Remy was—on most days— a pure delight. Some of the uncontrolled giggling (during key parts of games) was annoying, but, all in all, Orsillo was way above average on play-by-play. In our view, the manner in which the NOG cut him loose was despicable—especially from owners who claim to be so "sensitive" and politically-correct. In an interview with's Rob Bradford, Orsillo opened up on his departure. Said the new Padres announcer, "I think the realization that the job I loved so dearly and did for 15 years was coming to an end, and really trying to figure out why it happened. To this day, I really don’t know. So that part was really hard." Indeed. We wish him the best in Tijuana North.