Friday, January 22, 2016

B.U. May Sell Kenmore Building With Iconic CITGO Sign

So, you think John Silber was the worst thing to come out of Boston University? Think again! The Commonwealth Avenue institution (which houses more New Jersey residents than Newark) is planning to sell the Kenmore Square building on top of which rests the iconic CITGO sign. To paraphrase Boston's own Joseph N. Welch,  "At long last, B.U., have you left no sense of decency?" Extinguishing the former neon (and current LED) sign would be an affront to everything Boston. Here's what some B.U. flak had to say, "We’re going to leave it up to whatever the buyers feel they should do". What???!!! How dare they not require the new building owners to keep the sign's lease? This might just necessitate a grassroots movement to put B.U. in its place. Get ready, Nation!