Monday, December 14, 2015

Red Sox Fan Steph Curry Likes Boston's Moves So Far

(Getty Images)
Growing up in North Carolina, young Steph Curry didn't really have a baseball team to root for—until his bother chose a team. Seth Curry—for some un-Godly reason—chose to pull for The Evil Empire. In the spirit of fraternal rivalry, Steph had to choose the polar oppose—your Boston Red Sox. And so it has been for lo these many years. What does the NBA World Champ think of Dave Dombrowski's moves so far this off-season? Says Curry, "We’re making moves, and I know it isn’t over yet. But you’ve got to make splashes these days to stay competitive, and they’re doing it. It’s great." During his recent trip to Boston to play the Celtics, he obviously didn't have a chance to re-visit Fenway Park. But that could happen in the coming year. Says Curry, "I’d love to get back there." You are more than welcome, Steph!