Friday, December 11, 2015

Marlins Brass Hint At Missed Blockbuster With Red Sox

Holy cow! Apparently, the Red Sox and Marlins were talking about a blockbuster trade that would have netted Boston starting pitching ace Jose Fernandez—at a ridiculous cost. Hall of Fame baseball writer Peter Gammons quotes a Marlins official as saying the following: "We thought we might be able to piece something together with the Red Sox. With ERod (Eduardo Rodriguez), Mookie Betts, Christian Vazquez, Yoan Moncada and another pitcher I thought we had something that might work." Sure, why don't we throw in Xander Bogaerts for good measure—and the sweetheart lease on Yawkey Way while you're at it? Hell, move Faneuil Hall Marketplace to South Beach! The fact that Dave Dombrowski was even considering such a deal is the scariest thing we've heard this off-season.