Sunday, November 1, 2015

Yellow Headphone Guy Axed By 'Buddy' Dombrowski

For years, many Red Sox fans mistook Jeremy Kapstein—festooned with his clunky yellow headphones—as Giant Glass owner Dennis Drinkwater. Why is anybody's guess. In fact, Kapstein was a senior advisor to the Red Sox for the last 14 years—and was even instrumental in the Theo Epstein-less trade that brought Josh Beckett and Mike Lowell to Boston. So much for loyalty—his long-time "good buddy" Dave Dombrowski axed him the other day. Dombrowski pulled a Michael Corleone-Tom Hagen moment, essentially telling Kapstein, "You're out, Jerry". Said Kapstein, "I know nothing lasts forever. I’m disappointed I won’t be with the Red Sox any longer but I’m also very grateful for the time and the many great people I met and worked with in Boston." Regarding his supposed friendship with Dombrowski, he added, "I have a long, close friendship with Dave Dombrowski that spans many years. I have great respect for Dave both personally and professionally. I know that our friendship is, and will remain, a great bond between us." Uh-huh. Look for Kapstein to emerge in Pawtucket/Providence with his true friend Larry Lucchino.