Friday, November 13, 2015

Red Sox Trade For Chris Sale Seen As Real Possibility

Apparently, the new head of Red Sox Baseball Operations (Dave Dombrowski) isn't shy. There are new reports out today that link the Red Sox to a possible trade that would bring 26-year old left-handed starter Chris Sale to Boston. The return haul going from The Carmine Hose to The Pale Hose would be steep—with one report actually suggesting Xander Bogaerts as the price. Clearly, that will not happen—without a "torches and pitchforks" reaction by Red Sox fans. But Chicago is said to be really interested in Blake Swihart—so a prospect/player package including the young backstop (along with a lot of other stuff) could get something done. Sale would be the 'poster-boy' for the young, controllable, top-of-the-rotation starter the Red Sox desperately need. Looks like "Dealin' Dave" may already be in high gear!