Saturday, November 14, 2015

Red Sox Take The Cheap Route And Trade For Kimbrel

Craig Kimbrell
Well, Dave Dombrowski's first big move was based on money and not the best available option. Instead of getting the best closer on the market in Aroldis Chapman (who needs to be "re-upped" after 2016), he took the cheap route and went for the lesser alternative in Craig Kimbrel (who is signed for the next two years). Considering Dombrowski's crappy bullpen record in Detroit, this deal is unsettling. Last time we checked, John Henry is not lacking for money. Chapman would have been the better move—especially since we had to give up one of the best prospects in all of baseball in Manuel Margot. In addition, Kimbrel has had "dead arm issues" as recently as 2014 due to his unorthodox delivery. All in all, a bad deal.