Monday, November 2, 2015

The Looming Clay Buchholz $13M Option Conundrum

Clay Buchholz
With the World Series over, the new Red Sox head of baseball operations faces his first major decision: what to do with the enigmatic Clay Buchholz. Dave Dombrowski has to decide—by Wednesday—whether to pick up the $13 million 2016 team option on Buchholz. Actually, there are a number of ways the Sox could go. They could pick up the option, hope Buchholz stays heathy—and, if he does—wind up with a relative bargain at $13 million (don't forget, he pitched pretty well when healthy in 2015). Or, they could decline the option and re-sign him at a lower price—something Clay might be willing to do to re-build credibility in the marketplace. Or, they could pick up the option and trade him—assuming that they'll either deal for or sign a front-line starter to take his place. Stay tuned!