Monday, November 30, 2015

Could The Orioles Be A Hanley Ramirez Trade Target?

Duquette (L); Hanley (R)
As Red Sox GM, Dan Duquette was the guy who originally signed Hanley Ramirez many moons ago. As the current GM of the Orioles, Duquette might still be enamoured enough with his signee to consider trading for him and making him the full-time Baltimore DH. With Chris Davis likely flying out of Camden Yards (maybe even to the Red Sox), the Birds need some replacement power. A 'de-gloved' Hanley—who concentrates on nothing but hitting—might be worth the gamble. Again, Dave Dombrowski (or more precisely, John Henry) would need to eat the majority of Hanely's remaining contract (about $88 million including a 2019 vesting option).