Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Sox Tell Player To Lose Weight—And It's Not The Panda!

(USAToday Photo)
According to The Boston Herald's Scott Lauber, the Red Sox have told Hanley Ramirez to lose 15-20 pounds before Spring Training to help him adapt to a possible switch to first base. Reportedly, Ramirez arrived to 2015 Spring Training weighing 240 pounds—far above his typical weight in his All-Star seasons with the Marlins. Said interim Red Sox manager Torey Lovullo, "To be an infielder, you have to be a little more agile. It’s all from a health standpoint, all for getting through a season and not having those aches and pains that a big body has. We all know when you carry extra weight it puts more stress on your joints. I think that’s the main reason why." Apparently, The Panda is exempt from such rules.