Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Cubbies Need Win To Avoid Drought Extending To 107

No pressure, Cubbies. But, after a fabulous season, you need to win tonight to keep alive the hope of breaking your 106-year curse. With an elimination loss tonight, the North Siders will immediately lapse into a 107-year curse. Oy! With the Red Sox out of it, and so many ex-Boston connections at Wrigley, it's easy to shift our short-term loyalties to The Boys Of Theo Epstein. Tonight's starter—Jake Arrieta—is among the best pitchers in all of baseball. So, the Cubs should be headed to an ALDS date with the 100-win Cardinals. One problem—the equally good Pittsburgh Pirates are at home and have their own terrific Game One starter in Gerrit Cole. Tonight should be a doozy—maybe the best single-game match-up in a while. Go Cubbies!