Monday, October 19, 2015

Sixty Percent Probability Of A Mets-Royals World Series

After the Cubbies and Blue Jays both dropped their first two road LCS games, the Mets and Royals are now the likeliest World Series opponents. According to Neil Paine of, there is now a 60% probability that Kansas City and New York will face off in the Fall Classic. Interestingly, before the start of the two LCS series, Chicago and Toronto were rated as the two best teams of the final four—with the Cubbies rated the strongest team of all. Now, both the Cubs and Jays will have to take at least two of three at home to avoid elimination. Of course, we've actually heard a rumor that—once upon a time—a team was down three games to none in an LCS and actually came back to win it all. Nah!