Saturday, October 24, 2015

Royals And Metropolitans To Face Off On Tuesday

The Kansas City Royals have a chance to claim the title that just barely eluded them in 2014—World Series Champions. After beating the Blue Jays 4-3 in yet another exciting 2015 post-season tilt, The Boys Of Kaufman will host The Boys Of Flushing Meadows on Tuesday night in Game One of The Fall Classic. Who do we root for? Well, it's really hard to pull for a team that stole a championship from us in 1986. Then again, we never really liked George Brett. So, it's a toss-up from where we sit. This could be a match-up of a devastating batch of young starters (Mets) against a devastating batch of relievers (Royals). These might be tight, low-scoring battles that are worthy of a World Series. But the Cubbies would have been so much more interesting!