Friday, October 9, 2015

Sox Make Vain Attempt To Make 2015 Seem Interesting

Oh, my goodness. Well, give the Red Sox credit for trying to make something interesting out of the miserable 2015 season. A couple of hours ago, the team 'tweeted' out a bevy of arcane information under the hashtag #myfenway. Among the tid-bits: fans consumed over 700,000 Fenway Franks this year. Which, given the actual meat content of those things, works out to about 35,000 actual hot dogs. Also, 80 home runs were clouted. I don't know about you, but that sounds awfully small to us. I don't think I'd 'tout' that stat if I were The Carmine Hose. Also, there were 44 wedding proposals at Fenway in 2015—we'll reserve our judgement on that one. Nice try, Red Sox. The season still stunk.