Thursday, October 8, 2015

Red Sox Hold Line On 2016 Ticket Prices—Sorta Kinda

To paraphrase Michelle on TV's legendary Full House: "Duh!" What did the Red Sox think we were expecting from a team that's finished in the basement three out of the last four years: a ticket price increase? In the most unnecessary press release in team history, The Carmine Hose announced they will "hold prices at 2015 levels" for next season. Kinda. Sorta. Of course, it wouldn't be a communique from the front office if there weren't a caveat. To wit: you only get the 2015 prices if your purchase your 2016 tickets before December 31, 2015. You know, right after you've emptied your entire family budget on the holidays. For those unlucky slugs who have to wait until the actual year of 2016 to purchase 2016 tickets, the average price increase will be 1.4%. Thanks, John Henry! Very compassionate of you!