Friday, October 9, 2015

'Playoff Palooza' Today With Four Games On Tap

For baseball fans, this is like a hardball version of March Madness. All four playoff series are in action on Friday—starting around noon Eastern and ending sometime after midnight. Perhaps the most interesting match-up for Red Sox fans is the battle between Cubs starter Jon Lester and Cardinal starter John Lackey. Both played indispensable roles in the improbable 2013 World Series Championship for The Carmine Hose. First up is Game 2 of the Blue Jays-Rangers series (12:45, MLBN), followed by Game 2 of Astros-Royals (3:45, FOXSports1), the aforementioned Cubs-Cardinals kick-off (6:45, TBS) and finally the Mets-Dodgers re-enactment of a NYC subway series of the 1950s (9:45, TBS)