Thursday, October 1, 2015

'Pizza Samaritan' Mookie Betts Rewarded With Big Night

Covering the Red Sox is way too easy—the stories about this franchise write themselves. Case in point: Mookie Betts and The Great Manhattan Homeless Pizza Give-Away. On Tuesday night, Mookie and fellow rookie Blake Swihart decided to order pizza for dinner. After all, there is no better thin-crust pizza in the world than what you can get in Baghdad-By-The-Hudson (with the possible exception of Regina's in Boston's North End and La Hacienda in Somerville). In any event, the rookies must have ordered an extra-extra-large, because after finishing eating, they had a lot left over. We'll let Mookie tell the rest: "Me and Blake ordered pizza last night and we had like almost a whole pizza left. He said, ‘Mook, go give it to a guy you see on the street and you’ll hit two home runs.’ We ended up doing that and I ended up hitting two home runs, so I guess giving pizza to homeless people is good." See? It writes itself.