Monday, October 5, 2015

Mookie Betts Is FenwayNation's 2015 Rookie O' Year

How do you summarize the rookie-year contributions of one Markus Lynn Betts? How about a spectacular leaping grab on Opening Day at Fenway (robbing likely NL MVP Bryce Harper of a HR)? By the way, Betts himself also hit a 3-run HR in that game. Or the fact that he led the team in stolen bases (21) and placed third in HRs (18). Maybe you'll point to the 145 games played nearly flawlessly in various OF positions. Or the 174 hits—including 42 doubles and 8 triples. Mookie's speed also helped him score 92 runs—another number one ranking on the team. Oh, and did we mention that the kid hit .291 with a .356 OBP and nearly .800 OPS (.797)? Or that he drove in 77 runs (third on the team)? Put all of this together and you have a pretty clear choice of Mookie Betts as FenwayNation's 2015 Rookie Of The Year. Congratulations, Mookie!