Monday, October 12, 2015

Could Matt Harvey Really Be A Red Sox Trade Target?

Over the last several days, more than one source has speculated that Mets right-hander Matt Harvey might be a target of Red Sox President and CEO Dave Dombrowski. The rationale is that Harvey has recently soured his relationship with the Mets ownership, management and fan base with innings-limit whining and showing up late for mandatory practice sessions. Of course, any trade for the 26-year old ace would require a boatload of top Sox prospects—presumably other than Xander Bogaerts and Mookie Betts. However, Dombrowski has been known to deal away prized youngsters in the past. More likely, Boston could offer up one or two of its top starting pitching prospects (Henry Owens, Brian Johnson) and a position player or two (Manuel Margot, Deven Marrero). Even a guy like Rusney Castillo might be 'packaged' in a Harvey deal. Honestly, though, we can't see the Metropolitans letting Harvey go at any price. After all, their young pitching is the core of their essential strength. But, it's fun to wonder.