Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Bill Murray Thinks Red Sox Fans Are "Unbearable"

Cubs Fan Bill Murray
Full disclosure: I am a big Bill Murray fan, but not so much for his celebrated 'Carl The Groundskeeper' role in Caddyshack—which I think was an over-rated performance. I much prefer his later work in films—like Lost In Translation and the really weird The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. And of course, you gotta love Saturday Night Live's Todd DiLaMuca. Anyway, we may have to re-think our fanhood, as Murray trashed Red Sox fans on Jimmy Kimmel Live recently. Said Bill, "Well, the Boston Red Sox used to be the most gracious losers. I was always impressed with how gracious they were in defeat—they really applauded the other team and how well they played, and so forth. And then they won a couple World Series, and now they're unbearable—they're just unbearable fans, and something really changed with them. I hope the Cubs fans don't do that, I hope it doesn't happen for us." Bill, Bill, Bill. Win first—then talk to us.