Friday, September 4, 2015

Schilling Latest Victim Of Rampant Political Correctness

Schilling With A Fan (FenwayNation Photo)
Be careful what you re-tweet, America! Red Sox legend Curt Schilling has been suspended by ESPN for the remainder of the baseball season for re-tweeting something someone else created. Not something he created, mind you, but something someone else created. We can all debate the propriety of the material itself—but that's really beside the point. That our society now accepts the idea that merely sharing information is itself a punishable offense is absurd and dangerous. However, in the eyes of the Thought Police in Bristol, Connecticut, this was was enough to dump Schilling from his announcer's gig on Sunday Night Baseball. With self-righteous pomposity, ESPN stated the following: "At all times during the course of their engagement with us, our commentators are directly linked to ESPN and are the face of our brand. We are a sports media company. Curt's actions have not been consistent with his contractual obligations nor have they been professionally handled; they have obviously not reflected well on the company. As a result, he will not appear on ESPN through the remainder of the regular season and our Wild Card playoff game." Isn't this the same network that allowed one of their NFL trolls to tweet out blatant lies about Tom Brady—lies that set the whole phony Deflate-Gate fiasco in motion? ESPN, heal thyself!