Saturday, September 5, 2015

'Completely' Solid Wade Miley Propels Sox To 9-2 Win

(Getty Images)
Wade Miley has had an 'up and down' season—but it's getting better as it goes along. Today, Miley hurled just the second Red Sox complete game of the year in a 9-2 win over the hapless Phillies. The quick-working lefty (the entire game took just 2 hours and 24 minutes) gave up just five hits and two earned runs. He struck out eight and walked none on 110 pitches. The offense was paced again by the youngsters (are you noticing a pattern here?). Mookie Betts had three more hits (now batting .281); Jackie Bradley, Jr. had two hits and two RBIs; and Xander Bogaerts had four RBIs on a bizarre 'virtual' inside-the-park grand slam. The icing on the offensive cake was David Ortiz hitting his 496th career HR—and his 30th of the 2015 season. It also marked the 9th time Ortiz has clouted 30 HRs in a season—setting a Red Sox record and allowing him to pass the immortal Ted Williams. Not a bad day at the old ball yard.