Friday, August 21, 2015

'Muddy Chicken' Not Back In Lineup Until After Labor Day

(Boston Herald Photo)
Remember Dustin Pedroia? You know, the scrappy leader of The Carmine Hose and winner of both the Rookie of The Year and Most Valuable Player awards? Yeah, that's the one. The Laser Show has been out with hamstring issues since July 22nd—after missing 16 games earlier in the season. Now, he won't be returning until after Labor Day—September 10th to be precise. Said interim manager Torey Lovullo, "We don’t want to put any of our guys in harm’s way. He’s one of our best players, our leaders, we’ll be missing him for a while, but it’s giving other guys a chance to play and perform. We need Dustin, we want Dustin, and we know he’s going to be back as soon as possible." Functionally, however, it's 'wait 'til next year' for The Muddy Chicken.