Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Woman Hit At Fenway In Legal Custody Battle

Carpenter After Injury At Fenway Park
Tonya Carpenter, who was hit by flying bat shards at Fenway Park in June, is now in a legal custody battle with her ex-husband. Carpenter suffered life-threatening injuries from the incident and spent weeks in rehab before being released from hospital care. Her former husband, George Carpenter (they divorced in 2014) is seeking custody of the couple's 7-year old son—who was with his mother at Fenway during the incident. The father is claiming that his ex-wife "is on numerous medications, is not able to drive due to her condition and requires 24/7 supervision." The mother claims her former husband—who cared for the child while she was in the hospital and rehab—is now refusing to return the child to her custody.