Friday, July 17, 2015

Sox Owners Foisting 'Healthy' Food On Fans

Pulp Fiction's Jules Winnfield: "... my girlfriend's a vegetarian which pretty much makes me a vegetarian. But I do love the taste of a good burger. Mm-mm-mm."

Your humble scribe lives in a household with two vegetarians—so I'm kind of in the same spot as Samuel L. Jackson's character. I'm putting all this out on the table (so to speak) to show that I'm not anti-veggie in any way. Nevertheless, this whole 'rooftop vegetable and herb garden' thing at Fenway is becoming a bit much. At first, it was just the latest in a long-line of politically-correct actions by a politically-correct ownership group. Hey, they own the team, they can do as many silly things as they want. But, now the culinary snobs who decide what we eat at the park are starting to lace concessions with stuff like basil, dill, tarragon and kale. Kale! Is there anything more disgustingly "progressive" than kale? Please, Mr. Henry, let us eat our unhealthy Fenway Franks and grease-laden Tasty Burgersand put kale in your own damn food. Thank you and goodnight.