Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Has "The Daniel Nava Era" Ended In Boston?

End Of 'The Daniel Nava Era'?
Think hard. Recall some guy named Daniel Nava who used to play for the Boston Red Sox? You know, kind of an "extra effort" guy who got the most out of his talents? Good with fans and the media? An occasional flair for the dramatic? Two career grand slams? You know, that all-around nice guy? So, where the heck is he? Actually, Boston put Nava on the disabled list with a left thumb strain way back on May 26th. He then went on a seemingly endless "rehab assignment". Here is ESPN's spin on the Nava situation: "The rehab assignment can last up to 20 days, and we don't think the Red Sox are anxious to add Nava to the 25-man roster. He was hitting .159 with a .440 OPS when he was placed on the disabled list, and there's no obvious spot on the roster for him once he's healthy." So, is this really the end? Well, just two nights ago, Nava went 3-4 with three RBIs for Pawtucket. But, will the 32-year-old Nava play out the string at AAA for the balance of the season and then get—(gulp), released? Sadly, it could happen, folks. You might want to start getting used to the idea.