Sunday, June 28, 2015

Tampa 'Blues Brothers' Lead Way Over Sox, 4-1

(Getty Images)
They were clad in hideous, blue 1970s throwback uniforms—in a town where 'throwback' means last Tuesday. And yet, the Tampa Bay Rays were able to defeat the Red Sox 4-1 on Saturday. A rookie starting pitcher named Matt Andriese and a refugee from a Blue Brothers movie named Jake Elmore combined to lay the loss on Boston (clad in their double-knit 1975 PJs). Andriese pitched six solid innings giving up one hit (to Xander Bogaerts), while Elmore clubbed a two-run HR in the fifth off loser Wade Miley (who again pitched pretty well). This was another stinker in a long line of stinkers in 2015—no offense and marginal pitching. That kind of baseball calculus leads to losses—lots of them.