Saturday, June 27, 2015

A View Of The Season From Across The Pond

by Dave Merry, UK Correspondent

At the time of writing, the Red Sox have just lost 8-6 to the Orioles and are now 32-42 and in last place. Another poor season is in the cards, but for this baseball newbie Englishman, it's still been fantastic. This is my view on the season so far.

The campaign started well and—arrogantly—I thought it was me bringing the Red Sox good luck but as we know it didn't last. The predictions and expectations that the pitching wasn't good enough soon proved right but never mind because we had a super strong offence to make up for it—wrong!

Dustin 'Superman' Pedroia still gives everything and he is the Rock of the team and hitting much better now that his hand is injury-free. The young stars are shining through and I think the future looks very bright. Brock Holt can play anywhere, even three positions in one game and what about his cycle, brilliant. Mookie Betts, a single short of the cycle and Xander Bogaerts commanding at shortstop and with a great arm.

Now, I think the new signings are mixed, Hanley Ramirez is hitting HRs, but the way his helmet falls off whenever he hits or runs is starting to annoy—and I wish he would give it a clean now and again because it's filthy! Then there's Pablo Sandoval, I'm sorry but I think his huge wage and contract are a mistake. Don't get me wrong, he's not a bad player but, personally, I believe a sportsman should look sporty and not like a sumo wrestler. If that was the case then I'd be mistaken for a sportsman too. Too many errors and the social media incident have done it for me. Then there's the even newer ones, Alejandro De Aza looks to be a decent trade and Eduardo Rodriguez is surely one for the future although after a great start he was brought back down to Earth last night. Then there's John Farrell, well many are calling for his head, I'm undecided and haven't got a clue who's a good choice to replace him with, but I think he's showing signs of the pressure getting to him with being ejected a few times. As for Wade Miley, surely he should have done something when a player has a rant at him in public for all the world to see?

Anyway, I know the season could be going a lot better but come the end of September if we are still bottom I will still have had a great time as the Red Sox are now in my blood and I'm loving every minute of it.