Friday, June 5, 2015

Sox Right On Track For Back-To-Back 71 Wins

How bad is this 2015 season? At their current pace, the Red Sox are projected to win 71 games. That's exactly how many they won last year. So—over the last 217 contests—the chances were almost six in ten that you'd watch them lose. Think about that. A typical fan might spend $250-$300 to bring their family to Fenway, and they pretty much have to prepare for widespread disappointment among the troops. This is not a very marketable concept. Check out this story, recounted by's Gordon Edes: "One season-ticket holder said that as he was leaving the park Thursday, he happened to run into Sox CEO Larry Lucchino. "I said, 'Larry, that was pathetic,''' the fan said. "He kept going. I said, 'I'm a season-ticket holder.' He turned around, came back to me, and said, 'I'm sorry.''" This kind of thing may be happening more and more if this dismal play continues without any accountability.