Friday, June 5, 2015

Panda-Monium Reigns At Fenway; Sox Lose, 8-4

For decades now, the World Wildlife Fund has displayed the panda as emblematic of the plight of animals on the endangered species list. After yesterday's brutal play by Pablo Sandoval, Red Sox fans might want to take their 'Panda' off a few lists—like the starting lineup. Sandoval committed two huge errors in the 8-4 loss—the second time since Sunday that he's had double miscues in a game. A bunt-play throw from Blake Swihart to third went through the Panda's wickets—opening the floodgates in what was a 4-4 tie in the ninth. This was was mega-ugly, with the Red Sox blowing a 4-0 lead—built up mostly on bad defense by the Twinkies. Swihart hit his first major league home run and Dustin Pedroia hit his 8th—both solo shots. It's really hard to underestimate the brutality of this loss—it was reflective of a team that appears not to care. These guys are going nowhere.