Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Red Sox Fans 11th Worst In Grammar Rankings

Maybe we're not the 'Athens of America' so much as the 'Athens, Georgia Of America.' According to a study conducted by the automated-proofreading company Grammarly (hired by The Wall Street Journal), Red Sox fans rank as the 11th most mistake-prone—when studying comments from the news section of the team's website (specifically, 9.3 mistakes per 100 words). Considering that there are 30 teams, that's not such a great ranking (we figured that out by 'ciphering' it out on our own). Mets fans are the most mistake-prone (tell us you're surprised at that). Amazingly, fans of the Cleveland Indians are the least mistake-prone (3.6 per 100 words). But, they have to live in Cleveland. You can visit Grammarly HERE.