Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Don't Expect Sudden Impact Of Drafted Player

Vitek With Spinners
When a team underperforms the way our 2015 Carmine Hose are, there's a lot of attention paid to the MLB Draft. Since the present stinks, why not look to the future? Hope springs eternal that lightening will strike and some kid selected out of high school or college will be a star. That hope intensifies when the Red Sox are picking high—as they are in this year's draft (#7 overall). There's been much speculation about whether Boston will go for a premier arm or a top-rated position player. Nobody really knows—and certainly nobody can understand the arcane MLB bonus pool rules. Here's a pop quiz for you: who is Kolbrin Vitek? No, he is not the alien visitor from The Day the Earth Stood Still. Vitek was the 2010 first-round draft pick by the Red Sox. Where is he? Out of baseball. Having said that, both Deven Marero (SS—first pick in 2012) and Matt Barnes (P—first pick in 2011) are almost certain to have an impact on the big club for years to come. The point is, it's a total crap-shoot. So, don't place too much hope in this year's selection.