Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wade Miley Works So Fast, He Missed Sox Run

Wade Miley
According to's Gordon Edes, Red Sox starter Wade Miley had no idea his team was ahead in last night's 1-0 win over Tampa. Not until he was out of the game, that is. Said Miley, "I didn’t know we had scored a run until the seventh or eighth inning. I’m thinking, ‘Extras.’ Then I’m saying, ‘We got a run! Hell, yeah!’" Miley also fell down twice after deliveries on the mound. About those embarrassing flops, he stated, "It means I’m not athletic at all. Did you see the first one? It happened twice. Second or third inning, ‘Man down, silhouette out there.’ The second one was more embarrassing. I told them, ‘Stay out here so I can catch my breath.’" Maybe he needs to work a little more slowly so he can pay attention to what's going on in the game. You know, like the glacial pace of his Rays counterpart, Chris Archer.