Friday, March 13, 2015

Connecticut Verifies New England Misplacement

Frankly, we've never been comfortable with the idea of Connecticut being a "New England" state. First of all, it has no inherent character of its own—it is, after all, "The Fly-Over State". Secondly, there have always been way too many Yankee fans in the The Nutmeg State—and not just west of the Connecticut River divide, either. Now, a new Quinnipiac University Poll shows Connecticut's allegiance to The Evil Ones is growing. Today, 44% of Connecticut baseball fans prefer The Bronx Embalmers as their team, 37% side with the Red Sox and an abysmal 6% are allied with the Mets. This 7-point edge to The Pinstriped Posers compares with their five-point lead in last year's poll (43%-38%). The margin of error for the poll of 1,434 fans is ±2.6%. Then again, living in Connecticut is—in itself— an error.