Thursday, March 5, 2015

Buchholz Shows Leadership With 'Ace' Shirts

He may or may not end up as the "leader" of the 2015 Red Sox rotation, but Clay Buchholz took a big step in that direction with a clever little move at camp. The tall righty had five t-shirts made up with the name and number of the each of the five starters on the back. But that's not the good part. On the front of each shirt is the inscription, "He's the ACE". Brilliant. Said Buchholz, "It shows the guys that there is no pressure on them. They can just go out and pitch. Everybody has confidence in their ability. It’s one of those things to keep everything loose and have fun with it." In one bold stroke, Buchholz made light of the "number one starter" controversy and emboldened each of his peers to take on that role seriously. Way to go, Clay!