Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Papi Profusely Peppers Pace Of Play Policies

(AP Photo)
Take it from us—David Ortiz is not too thrilled with the new 'pace of play' regulations in Major League Baseball. Seemingly unaware of the "one-foot-in-the-box" rule, Papi let fly with a string of expletives to show his disdain for the new regulations. Said Ortiz, "After a pitch, you got to stay in the box? One foot? I call that bulls---... I'm not walking around just because there are cameras all over the place...When you force a hitter to do that, 70 percent you're out, because you don't have time to think. And the only time you have to think about things is that time. So, I don't know how this baseball game is going to end up."  And what about the reported fines associated with violating the rule? Said Ortiz, "Well, I might run out of money. I'm serious. I'm not going to change my game. I don't care what they say. My game, it's not like I go around and do all kinds of stupid s---." Papi, tell us what you really think.