Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Ex-Red Sox Hurler Dana Kiecker Turns 54 Today

Dana Kiecker turns 54 years of age today. 'Dana who?'—we can hear hundreds of readers shouting. Well, there was once a young starting pitcher on the Red Sox named Kiecker. He pitched in only 50 games for The Carmine Hose during two seasons (1990, 1991). But, he was involved in one of the most frustrating post-season losses of the 90s—and there were a lot of those in the old days. Kiecker himself was fine—in fact, very good. The then 29-year old went 5 2/3 innings—giving up just one-earned run in Game 2 of the 1990 ALCS at Fenway. Then, things—as they always did back in those days—fell apart. Greg Harris gave up a run and later Jeff Reardon coughed up two and the Red Sox lost the game, 4-1. The A's swept the Red Sox, four games to none. But, young Mr. Kiecker pitched himself a true gem. Happy birthday, Dana!