Friday, February 13, 2015

Herald's Buckley Nails Olympic/Fenway Nexus

Steve Buckley of The Boston Herald is one of the few courageous sports journalists left in the city. Unjustly tagged with chasing Nomar Garciaparra out of town, Buckley has been a consistently clear thinker on a range of topics over the years. His column in today's paper is just the latest example. First, Buckley rightly opposes Boston's incredibly dumb 2024 Summer Olympics bid. If you think traffic has been a nightmare during the 2015 Snowmageddon Chronicles, wait until hundreds of thousands of foreign 'pains-in-the-butt' start clogging our highways and byways. But, says Buckley, if we have to have the Olympics here, then at least the Olympic Stadium should be used as a replacement for the aging and increasingly decrepit Fenway Park. The current Red Sox ownership has essentially punted on a Fenway replacement—letting the next ownership deal with the issue. So, why not cleverly engineer the Olympic Stadium to be "trimmed down" into a new ballpark (as was Turner Field in Atlanta)? Brilliant. If we have to put up with beach volley ball on the Boston Common, at least we'd get a 21st-century, comfortable ballpark in the transaction.