Friday, February 13, 2015

Forget Snowmageddon: Spring Schedule's Here

As the Boston area braces for yet another weekend blizzard, we should probably start taking a serious look the the 2015 Spring Training schedule. Not surprisingly, The Carmine Hose will lead off their spring campaign with a tilt against the Northeastern University Huskies on Tuesday, March 3rd at 1:05 PM. There's another game that day against some team from Chestnut Hill, but (as all right-thinking people know) that doesn't really count. On Thursday, March 5th, the Sox travel across town to face the Twinkies (big surprise there), then host Giancarlo Stanton and the Marlins on Friday. From then on, it's the typical mish-mash of teams—and, of course, eight more games against the Twins. Boston plays the Yankees only twice in the Spring—after all, who the heck would want to see them square off? A pretty boring schedule—but certifiably snow-free.